Why add Tellington TTouch to training?

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Why add Tellington TTouch to training? A practical approach

by –Debby Potts – TTouch Instructor

Tellington TTouch will enhance the quality of any positive training program. There are numerous applications that benefit the dogs in a class and the people attached to them. In this presentation, I will discuss, demonstrate, and invite audience participation in some of the more common techniques and applications most useful for dog trainers.

Here are some specific areas in which TTouch will benefit trainers, dogs and their people:


One of the most common benefits of adding TTouch in a training situation is the speed with which animals and people become focused and more receptive to learning. It is interesting to note that the benefits of TTouch are manifest in the giver as well as the receiver. With both the person and the dog being more on track, there is more time for additional fun, games, and exercises. This increase in focus and the resulting training success can also contribute to class retention, which has its own economic rewards.


While training is an important piece of building a dog’s confidence, sometimes it just isn’t enough. You can train a dog to do many things but you can’t train him to feel confident. TTouch works on a cellular level to release fear from the body with frequently permanent results.


It is difficult to teach or learn in a class with barking dogs. TTouch offers some very simple techniques to help with this common difficulty.


TTouch bodywork and leading exercises improve gait, balance, flexibility and endurance. Dogs with TTouch as part of their routine maintenance are more successful and less injury prone. This is a must for canine athletes.


Many dogs with aggressive behaviour have tension patterns in their body that contribute to their behaviour. Without addressing these physical issues, making permanent changes may be difficult.

NOTE: In our climate today in South Africa, more and more dogs are becoming aggressive and are often barred from participating in training classes. This means they have less interaction with other dogs and people and the problem escalates rather than settles. TTouch is an amazing tool to help animals overcome this problem.