TTouch and Vets

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The Benefits of TTouch for Veterinarians

Tellington TTouch can be a valuable addition to the skills of a veterinary, veterinary technician and assistants to make handling and treating animals easier and safer.

The foundation of TTouch is a system of gentle circular movements of the skin which have the effect of relieving tension, alleviating pain and reducing recovery time. TTouch can be applied in the same amount of time a technician or veterinarian spends petting and greeting an animal before an examination or treatment. Some applications include stress reduction, minimizing resistance to treatment, ease of administering medication, and post surgical recovery.

Common uses would include giving injections or oral medication, ear cleaning, taking the tempertature, nail trimming or drawing blood. The use of TTouch by the client and technician can help future trips to the vet be a more positive experience.

Clients can be more sucessful with veterinarian prescribed home care by including TTouch as their animals recover from surgery, illness, or injury. TTouch is easy to learn and is currently used worldwide by animal owners, trainers, wildlife rehabilitators, and personnel in animal shelters and veterinary clinics. The technique is non-invasive and has been shown to be effective for all species.

Please refer to the Articles section for information of veterinarians and anecdoctal accounts of how TTEAM and TTouch have helped in veterinary practice.