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trainingThere's nothing like firsthand experience to accelerate your learning experience with TTouch! There are numerous possibilities for trainings, demonstrations and workshops. Visit our workshop page for details on workshops, trainings and classes close to you.

What is Bodywork?

Tellington TTouch Bodywork uses a combination of circles, slides and lifts to increase awareness and sensation, reduce stress and relax tension held in the body.

This promotes a sense of well being that allows the body to function to it's full potential in the healing process.

While bodywork may look like massage, it is usually gentler, with a softer touch and works on the nervous system rather than the muscles. By clearing blockages cause by tension and stress, we can send messages to the brain, allowing the animals to make conscious choices in behaviour.

As the body comes into balance via touches and groundwork exercise, the mind and emotions also find their balance!

TTouch uses non-habitual movements to activate unused neurological pathways to the brain. This indeed turns uncooperative animals into willing partners. While TTouch is used to alleviate many problems, it is also just a great way to connect and bond with your pet.

Look at Shanti below to see how touching different parts of the body might affect your pet.

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