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A TTouch of Magic for Dogs

A TTouch of Magic for Dogs

By Linda Tellington-Jones ~ VIDEO & DVD 

Linda shows you how to put the magic of TTouch to work on your dogs, helping to correct aggression, uncontrollable barking, biting, licking chewing, timidity, submissive urination, leash pulling, grooming problems, fear of thunder, and fighting, and more. 

84 minutes

ZAR R 150,00
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A video with leading-edge exercises that improve balance, focus, coordination, self-confidence and self-control. Watch Linda Tellington-Jones pup her remarkable groundwork exercises into practice. She works with five horses of various breeds who have typical problems under saddle: a spooky warmblood who refuses to cross a bridge; an Icelandic who won’t lunge to the right and is difficult to get over a stream or through puddles: an Arabian who throws her head, refuses to go forward from the leg, often freezes, and is nervous on the trail

She also works with a Thoroughbred who is skittish, crooked, and will not stand: and a Norwegian Fjord mare who is pushy, strong-willed and very difficult to lead.

To solve these many problems, Linda demonstrates the use of the TTEAM “Confidence Course” which involves working with plastic t overcome shying and spookiness; a variety of TTEAM leading exercises, including the Dingo and the Homing Pigeon to educate the horse to be cooperative; head lowering to override fear and develop trust in the rider; leading on, around, and over platforms, barrels, and “pick-up-sticks” to improve surefootedness on the trail; labyrinth training to teach response to light signals and improve coordination; cavaletti exercises at the walk and trot for obedience and balance; and last but not least, working with water. At the conclusion of the program, Linda shows the steps to achieving halterless, body-language communication with your horse.


Linda Tellington-Jones shows how to work throught difficulties using her time-tested methods while on the horse’s back. She demonstrates not only how to do the TTouch while in the saddle, but also how to work with the TTEAM training bit, Lindel, Balance Rein, Promise Rope, Neck Ring and the body wrap. This video shows the use of the. A variety of horses are ridden in the equipment, and each horse shows the benefits.

You will have the opportunity to see Linda work with four horses-a warmblood, pinto, Thoroughbred and Arabian. The horses’ problems include high-headedness, a dropped back, strung-out movement, rushing at various gaits, laziness, refusing to stop, spinning when approached by another horse, and generally ignoring the aids. You will be amazed at how both simple and serious issues can be worked through with the help of gentle, yet effective TTEAM training techniques and aids. Remarkable, these methods modify behavioral and physical problems by expanding a horse’s capacity for learning through improved balance and coordination.