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Eugenie's Letter - February 2017
Hello TTouch Friends,

2017 is certainly well on its way!

I can’t believe that January is just about over. I hope you all had some quality Holiday time and came back rested and ready to go!

Here in the TTouch office, it’s all systems go for the trainings which are already happening in March. The good news is that the great Robyn Hood is back with us for not only horses and dogs/cats but also for humans. It’s your chance to use TTouch to help family and friends in a variety of ways.

TTouch is gaining acceptance in the human healthcare system. Nurses, massage therapists, physical therapists, physicians and occupational therapists are successfully integrating these techniques into their practices. For example, nurses use TTouch for post-fracture swelling, labour pain, wound care, and the management of edema, pain and anxiety. Massage Therapists and Physical Therapists find TTouch effective in cases of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. In addition to the clinical applications, many healthcare professionals experience much needed relaxation and stress-relief for themselves.

Outside the clinical setting, teachers are using these techniques in the classroom to address behavioural issues and to facilitate problem-solving and positive growth and development in their students.

In your personal life, TTouch can be a means to enhance relationships beyond the constraints of language.

Parents are finding new channels to connect with their children. Spouses are deepening their relationships and discovering new ways to nurture one another in a non-sexual context.

Friends come to new levels of understanding and appreciation. TTouch is a powerful tool to enrich all your

interpersonal relationships. 

So do come and join us if you can March 18-19 for this special treat! 

What a great Newsletter Nancy has put together for us this month! And I can’t recommend enough that you do yourself a favour and watch Robyn‘sWebinar on Leash Pulling with dogs. She discusses, shows slides and videos to give people a good idea of how to get started. She is using the new TTouch Harness and Harmony Leash but does discuss what you might use if you don’t have these. We do keep them at the TTouch Shop/Office and you’re welcome to phone or email to ask if we have stock of your size.


Keeping in TTouch,
Eugenie Chopin

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