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Eugenie’s Letter - March 2017

Dear TTouch Friends,

I’m sitting here on a Sunday afternoon and it’s raining again! How wonderful that the dams are filling up here in Gauteng, I just wish it were the same all over the country. From my animals perspective however, they love being outdoors and have been restless with all of the time spent indoors. Fortunately we had a good day yesterday and everyone got a bath - Things were getting a bit “spicy” in the house…

It’s actually hard to believe that it’s already March and Robyn will be here in a couple of weeks’ time. I am excited to say that we have added a week-end workshop for Humans – i.e. how can TTouch bodywork and body wraps help people in so many ways.

We are also doing an Advanced Companion Animal Training for our Practitioners and any student who has complete 4 full trainings. I have always said that one of the beauties of this work is that it’s always evolving – meaning of course that we are always learning and creating new ideas and ways to make our communication with animals easier and more respectful.

This session we have Robyn Hood as Instructor. As many of you know, Robyn is Linda Tellington-Jones’ sister and she’s been involved in this work from the beginning. However I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that Robyn is an amazing innovator in her own right. She has taken the practical applications of this work to a new level that we all can learn from. She is the creator of the new TTouch Harness and Harmony Leash that should revolutionize dog training. She will of course tell you that her ideas come from a couple of other sources, but she has indeed taken ideas and run with them to make products that work best for the TTouch

See the picture here.
If you have any questions or interest in these, just send an email to or call us on 011 884-3156. 

So time is getting away from me as our trainings start in less than 2 weeks! But you still have time to enrol for any of them. Please see details below in this Newsletter. And don’t forget there will be a companion animal workshop in Cape Town in May!

Warmest Regards,
Eugenie Chopin

Instructor forTellington TTouch Companion Animals
011 884-3156

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