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trainingThere's nothing like firsthand experience to accelerate your learning experience with TTouch! There are numerous possibilities for trainings, demonstrations and workshops. Visit our workshop page for details on workshops, trainings and classes close to you.

How to become a Companion Animal Practitioner?

Practitioner Training for Companion Animals & Horses

South Africa has an exciting International Training Program for working with Animals – both companion animals like dogs, cats and birds as well as a separate program for horses.

Practitioner Training - Companion AnimalsThe training runs over 3 years, with two 5/6 day sessions per year. You do NOT need to have any previous experience to join this training.    However, you might like to join a workshop before then if you are keen to get started. Having a basic knowledge can help you retain more of the Intro training, but again this is not necessary for you to be part of the TTACT (Tellington Animal Companion Training) class. Dates for classes & workshops can be found here.

After your personal Introductory Session and between sessions, students are encouraged to assist at shorter workshops for further experience and do case studies. The program comprises only 2 sessions a year in order to help students with their finances and the need to get time off work. The workshops are scheduled to include a weekend in order to make it as convenient as possible.

The Program is a comprehensive training of hands on work with Companion Animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. The training consists of 2 sessions a year lasting between 5 & 6 days, for 3 years. The approximate cost of each session is between R4350 & R4750. This varies on the Dollar/Rand rate and which training you attend.

What does the training include?

We endeavour to help the student to be proficient and confident in the TTouch work. To this end we have a program that we believe gives a steady hands on experience for the best results. That includes such things as:

A combination of TTouch techniques, including: Bodywork, use of the Body Wrap, understanding and use of equipment, groundwork exercises for dogs & horses, how to read Canine/Equine body language, how to best communicate and much much more!

  • After your second session, the TTouch student is required to do 5 case studies between each session, 15 in total. This is to ensure that the student is doing and experiencing the work as well as getting feedback on what they are doing. (Equine program details vary slightly from the companion animals, please click here for details)

  • After your second session, if you decide you want to pursue Practitionership, you will receive a Mentor who is available to help you with these case studies and any question you might have about how to handle a particular situation.

  • At your second session, we begin to take students to a Shelter to work on both cats and dogs. This is to give you an opportunity to experience as many different animals as possible. It also allows us to give back something to the animal community. (Please note that if anyone has an objection to going into the shelter, and we realize that it is hard for some, there is no obligation. There is always an alternative to work with the kennel or your own animals instead.)

  • At your third session, we start to introduce Client Days. This is a morning where we set up Clients and their dogs for you to help in a safe and supported environment.

  • In general, the course is very much a hands on training giving you a great variety of experience with as many animals as possible so that at the end of 6 modules you feel confident to handle the clients and cases that come your way.

  • TTACT students are encouraged to assist at workshops given by fully Certified Practitioners. This is a great learning experience and invaluable to the learning process.

  • At the end of Session 4, students enrolled in the program will become Tellington TTouch Apprentices provided the payment, case study and competence criteria are met.
    Permitted Practice: TT Apprentices may charge for their work with private clients. This status is good for 1 year only while the student finishes his studies.

  • There are two categories for graduation.
      • PRACTITIONER: At the end of Session 6 the TTouch Apprentice may graduate as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner provided the payment, case study and competence criteria are met.
        Permitted Practice: TTouch Practitioners continue with their private practice with individuals and in addition may charge for short (four hour) lecture/demonstrations

      • PRACTITIONER 1: At the end of Session 6 the Apprentice will graduate as a Tellington TTouch Practitioner I provided the Practitioner criteria listed above are met. In addition they will submit, for discussion with an instructor, an agenda for a hypothetical one-day hands-on workshop, and will demonstrate competence in teaching.
        Permitted Practice: In addition to the above, the practitioner is qualified to teach 1 day workshops (either 1 full day or 2-half days)

  • You will receive more information on the program and how to upgrade your status after you have completed your second training session.

  • The TTouch office and Guild is always here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any needs!

  • Our Instructors come mostly from overseas and are the best in the world. One of the beauties of this program is that the same people teach it worldwide and so the information doesn’t get filtered down through many hands. The Instructors include Linda Tellington Jones (creator of TTouch), Robyn Hood (Linda’s sister and brilliant teacher), Edie Jane Eaton (also a Feldenkrais Practitioner), Debby Potts (teacher par excellence) and Eugenie Chopin, our own South African/American Instructor as well as Lindy Dekker, Instructor for horses. We have occasional visits from the few other Instructors. A full list of qualified Instructors can be found at

This program is about helping you communicate with animals, giving people an alternative method of working with both animals and people, our human relationship with the animal world and giving you the tools to do all of these things. The program is dynamic, creative and yet very practical so that the work is clear and easy to understand.

Venues & Notes

Companion Animal: Sandton TTouch Office (may change depending on the size of the class)

Horses: Donnybrook Stables, Glenferness – Also a B & B, so you can board both you and your horse!

NOTE: Money paid (minus a cancellation fee) can be used for up to a year towards another TTACT training if for some reason you miss the training.  For further information on Cancellation Policy, please email for a comprehensive explanation.

Many people ask what are the “hidden” costs. It would be things like buying equipment and books; some people like to “budget” a certain amount for trainings and then add to their “tool kit” each time.

You may be wondering what TTACT stands for? It’s Tellington Touch Animal Companion Training and is the designation for the Practitioner Training Program for Companion Animals. The V means that it is the fifth such program in South Africa. So it now is TTACT V, session 6, and after 6 sessions we will start TACT 6. However, when you have your 1st training; that will be your Intro, etc.

You can register on line here, or email us at and we will send you all of the necessary documentation.

Please phone or email the TTouch office with any questions.

Eugenie Chopin, Tellington TTouch Instructor for Companion Animals

Tel: 011 884-3156, Fax: 011 783-1515