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Tellington TTouch on Birds

Every pet bird can benefit from a little TTouch.

In most cases, behavior problems in birds are the result of fear or stress. It is virtually impossible to give your birds a stress-free life. We can buy them the big cages, the best food, or give them all of our attention, but that doesn't keep them from getting stressed or scared from time to time.

Stress for our pet birds can be anything from a new cage to the sound of the doorbell. Something that bothers one of your birds may not affect your other birds.

We all know how damaging stress can be to our human bodies. To combat our stress, we exercise, take vitamins, get massages, meditate, or do anything else to help us relax.

Unfortunately, our birds don't know how to "de-stress" themselves without causing damage to someone or something (unless we teach them). The result of these daily stresses can be feather-plucking, self-mutilation, screaming, biting, illness, etc.

Our hands can seem threatening to birds (especially the smaller ones). By doing the TTouch strokes with the two feathers, you can move along the contours of your bird's body in a gentle manner without using too much pressure. The feathers also allow you to stimulate areas of your bird's body not normally accepted by hand touching.

Birds who are fearful of hands usually accept the feather strokes. The feathers are used as an extension of the hand much like the wand is used for TTouch with other animals.

You can use your hands to do the TTouch only after your bird accepts various strokes with the feathers. Using you hands too soon could cause your bird to react unfavorably to your advances.

Please click here for information on "How to TTouch a Bird"?