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Clicker related Websites and Groups

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YAHOO GROUPS : - go to and look for groups

ClickerSolutions is dedicated to finding positive solutions to training and behavior problems. Although clicker training is the main focus, non-clicker trainers are welcome. Considered one of the “Best on the Web,” ClickerSolutions is moderated by Melissa Alexander, author of Click for Joy: ClickerSolutions is a Yahoo Group.

ClickSupport – training specific behaviours. Every 2 weeks, a “trick” is posted. Members contributes suggestions.
ClickSport – for people who use clicker training in various sports, such as agility, flyball, obedience, etc.
ClickHerd – clicker for herding
OC-Assist-Dogs – for Assistance Dog Trainers
ClickTeach – for teachers of clicker training, focusing on the challenges of teaching

ClickRyder: - affiliated with Alexandra kurland, the author of Clicker Training for your Horse.